GOA and the Ros Omlette

From the days of Rs. 10/- plate, the price of ‘ros omlette has steadily increased now to Rs. 30/- plate which is ok, just that the quantity has gotten smaller, the taste however has remained the same.

Goans favorite ‘evening snack’, and can be found practically everywhere, evening time 🙂 You see a sizable crowd around a small, brightly lit gaddo (mobile stall) and you are sure to find yourself a plate of ros omlette or omlette pao (whichever way you like it)

So what is this ros omlette all about anyways?ros 2

If as a non-Goan, you’re reading this, then pay attention, nothing technical..if you’re a goan, then you know what I’m talking about and you would have already eaten it, its a way of life here.. THIS IS NOT AN INDIAN THING, purely Goan. So if you are in Mumbai and ask for ros omlette, they’ll probably not know what you’re talking about. Vada pao works there..works here too, but it just isn’t the same.

Yes, the Ros-Omlette; Ros is a Konkani word meaning gravy. You know what an omelette is, I don’t need to tell you that. The dish itself consists of 3 components.
A well made omelette, prepared appropriately with onions and tomato. Bread for company to dip into the tasty gravy and you’re good to go. The omelette is put in a small steel dish, and finally drowned in steaming,hot chicken curry.. If you’re lucky, at some places, mutton replaces the chicken in the curry. It is finally sprinkled with freshly chopped onions and coriander to complete it.


You can have a soft drink along with it, if you find it too spicy..else if you don’t mind the good ol’ water, that’s available too at NO EXTRA COST 🙂

So how much do you end up paying?

For a plate of Ros-Omlette: Rs 30/- with one bread, extra bread would be at Rs. 3/-. Extra gravy at no extra cost.
The extras like a soft drink would be at its own cost. Water is free 🙂 Don’t expect Bisleri water standards here 😉

Of course, this can be made at home too, but then its fun when you have it standing around the gaddo with other ros-omlette fans 🙂


Try it out 🙂 It is Simple, yet delicious 🙂

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  1. I’m definitely trying this the next time around! Glad I found this new dish..


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