Noooooooo..Not Again!!

Now there is one thing you should know before reading ahead is that ‘every journey I have undertaken, there has ALWAYS been a ‘something-will-go-wrong-moment’ that screws up the entire journey which puts a dampener on what would be a wonderful trip/holiday, until that point of course

Every single time..every single freaking time I travel, something has to go wrong. What is with me and travelling? I mean am I jinxed or something? Though I love travelling a lot, something unexpected is bound to happen..some kind of obstacle is found on my way in the form of a delay, or a missed flight, an accident or simply a Tyre puncture at the wrong time.
However, no obstacle has been big enough for it not to be solved, thankfully.

Sometimes when nothing works, prayers do..Yes, they really do. GOD never fails and a way is made guiding us to another option or to safety. I guess that’s FAITH, I don’t have truckloads of it but that is again ‘work in progress’

We’re just back from the Ganesh weekend holiday, having decided to drive down south (Karwar and further…across the Goa border) Mum, dad, sis and myself, only the second time driving out of state together. A slow drive it was, traffic understandably but once we got to our destination things were much better.

After a good 48 hours out of station, we were set on our journey back to Goa and that’s when things began happening… Well for one, I did notice on the way my car brakes weren’t really working.. working but if applied hard enough it would (I guess). However that was not all, with still 2 and a half hours away from reaching Goa..the car wasn’t really picking up speed, like it normally should, the car would go really really slow on climbs but as we got to plain land it would gain speed again, so there was really nothing to worry about I thought..little did I know we were heading for a Tyre puncture on our way ahead.

the culprit
           the culprit

Having entered Goa and entering into city limits, passengers from cars that overtook us from behind started signalling to us that something was wrong. I did stop the car to check but found nothing strange but for a door not shut properly and continued on our way. 12 kms ahead and another man signaled me something and this time pointing to the tyres. I stopped again…got out of the car – FLAT TYRE and mind you if I wasn’t alerted, I would have continued driving (With Maruti Vehicles it is really difficult to detect a flat tyre in movement, unless its totally flat and then the car starts to wobble). Stranded!!! Luckily for us we were right in the middle of the city, it was a different issue that it was afternoon time and GOA is having her siesta all shutters were down..the shock didn’t end there.. I couldn’t find the car tools to fix the tyre..very silly of me not to have checked that important detail before leaving on a long trip.

  the prick in the tyre

After 45 minutes, the car finally moved again..thanks to the Mobile Van from the car company. What was the best family outing we’ve had, our last being in 2003..ended in an anti climax. The 2003 trip again was another Flat-Tyre story..of course then, we were 12 years younger.

A few of my ‘something-will-go-wrong-moments’ in the past..

(a) Holiday to Sri Lanka :- Missed two flights ~ stranded at Chennai and Bangalore Airports along with 79 other passengers (group) 🙁

(b) Holiday to Ooty :- Bus collision with another oncoming bus, glass pieces all over us (collision on the side of the bus) 🙁

(c) Return journey Mumbai-Goa :- Bus breakdown (middle of a highway with only trees on either side) sitting by the road side for over 5 hours. Reached Goa in 23 hours instead of 16 hours 🙁

(d) Train journey back to Goa from Bangalore to Goa :- Engine Failure. Stuck on some unknown platform for over 5 hours in the peak of the Indian summer 🙁

It can be safely said, when you’re travelling with me or when you find me travelling with other people..expect some adventure 😉

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  1. I hate it when that happens to me. At least you have stories you’ll be able to pass on to your kids one day.

    1. hahaha…oh yeah plenty of them 🙂 good morning to you 🙂

      1. Haha it’s nighttime here.

        1. oh ok :p which part of the world?

          1. You’re in India right?

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