The ‘No 6’ PART 1


2005 – May

“Ronan managed to get us the last 2 tickets available in a/c, so cool!”

“Definitely…it will surely be …in the a/c compartment, so when are you guys travelling”?

“Next week”

“Wow! Lucky you guys, to get a/c tickets in this season isn’t easy”

“Yeah I know, Ron said the same thing, but then he got it, My <3 bug …and guess what? I’ll be travelling alone for the first time with Ron, 16 hours, just “Ronan & Rubetta” Rubetta and Ronan”

“Yes babe, I get it…you are very excited”

“You do realize you will have 70 other passengers travelling in the same compartment and a few thousands in the same train right”?

By that time Rubetta was in a world of her own, in the world that only she and Ron lived in. Rubetta was making her maiden journey by the Indian Railways, considering she was already 21 and by that age, most people have already traveled like a dozen times by train, being the best option of travel around the country, but not for Rubetta, she was always a bus girl, she enjoyed travelling by bus.

She was a little apprehensive when Ron first suggested a train journey but when he said he would be travelling with her, she readily agreed.

On the other hand Ron loved travelling by train; he knew the inside-outs of booking tickets and travelling different trains and stations. One could find him at a railway station whether booking for a ticket, dropping and picking up his friends or simply watching trains go by, he always said that the sight and sounds of passing trains acted as an effective way to de-stress. Sounded very strange but then that was Ron, he was simply adorable…for Rubetta ie, more importantly he was my best friend’s boyfriend/her ‘kinda guy’ as she liked to put it. He was 27.

Though the ‘No 6‘ topic cropped up when she told me stories about how Ron was the man for her, ‘6’ being the age difference between Ron and Rubetta. She dismissed it with her standard reply “What’s in a number?”…. 6 months in the relationship, they definitely seemed in love. This train journey however, to Rubetta, was a big step in their relationship…12 hours of un-interrupted quality time with Ron…no wonder she was so excited.

Before I go forward, let me introduce myself to you, I’m Aditi, Rubetta’s BFF…call it a surprise but I am the person who played cupid to these two love birds…how that happened off course is a whole different story.

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  1. A story I would like to read about 😊❤

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