“No 6” PART 3

2006 – June

..in 13 months – & it all came to a screeching HALT.o-BREAKUP-facebook
Rubetta-22yrs        Ronan-28yrs

The sms msgs read:

“I threw myself at you..and you, and what do you do? you’re no Man”

Another one said;

(sarcastically) “thanks for not fucking me, that’s at least there’s one thing I didn’t lose”

A third one read;

“I didn’t even ask you for a commitment..so what’s this all about”

after a long silence of a good 12 hours or so
(that’s how long she took to let steam off)

the phone beeped
“sorry, i didn’t mean those things”

2 months later:
GOA – at a Restaurant by the beach

“So, what did you want to tell me?”
..and the conversation went on for 45 minutes, when we decided to part for good at the end of it all.

“Can we be at least be friends” I asked
“I can’t go back to being friends, I loved you” she replied
She was acting cold on the way back in the car, she was hurt..so was I. Something wasn’t right, parting wasn’t the answer but there was no other way out.

There were no blame games, but there were Questions asked, lots of explanations given, it probably was the speed breaker we were just not able to cross!

The transition from Friendship to Love is easy, the other way round is certainly not!

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  1. Perhaps it is better that way. Why would you want to stay friends if it only reminded you of heartbreak?

  2. Definitely not!! It is near to impossible!! It reminded me of a phase in my life…

    1. talk about memories, I have one of my own. Not this story..but on very similar paths

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