..the moving in



“…and that’s the last suitcase. Phew!” (sweat trickling of Joel’s forehead)

“Honey! We’re finally home ~ our very own home” carrying in her set of her favorite pink fluffy pillows which go along with the pink bed sheet and the pick lace curtains
(looking around) “think of it, it does look more like your home” …now if you don’t mind, the porter would like his fees which would like to be received in kind

“come here my porter man” as they indulge into their first long kiss animated-kiss-image-0023in their brand new apartment.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! love birds…you’d at least want to close the door when doing your thing”

( Joel & Ana in unison) “hey guys, welcome to our humble abode, we were just settling in”

“oh yeah, we can see that”

“make yourself comfortable, we have suitcases and boxes you can sit on and very nice pink pillows…” Joel quickly comments 

“wai…wai..wait, those pillows are not to be sat on, Ana butts in..they would go on our bed along with the pink sheets and curtains…right sweetheart?”

“O’ c’mon Ana, not the pink room talk again…”

“but sweety you promised..” (making that cute face with the puppy eyes)

“O’ no..no..no..no, not that face again”

Tony walks up to Joel, taps him on the back “Welcome to the real world man, good luck with that, your winning days are over”

..ahem! ahem! Victor clears his throat; “we’d not like to come in your way of the pink-room-talk”

“We’ll leave you guys for now, don’t forget to invite us for the house warming, cya” 🙂


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