The Birthday Present

Tomorrow is mom’s birthday, the 70thbirthdaycakeBIG 70.. (shhh, she does not like me telling people) She doesn’t look at all her age..she’s always doing up her hair, and buying a new saree..I mean she’s as good as 70 years YOUNG. She could put my sister to shame who is a little more than half her age. In case you are wondering, Yes, I am younger than my I’m the smallest of all..feels so good 🙂

Now the issue here is not on her turning 70 but on the gift I would give or rather the gift that she likes. The other day she asked me;

“So Savio, what birthday present are you giving me?”

I said, “something different” (with a broad smile)

“Nice” she said..waiting for what I had to say next

“2 hugs and 3 kisses”

(my sis & dad both look at me)

My sister butts in.. “like wow! mom will be so looking forward to that” 😉

to which I replied “I know right!”


No Dollars, just the          Indian currency

(Mom listening intently) says “I’ll prefer cash and the free hugs and kisses” (flashing one of her biggest smiles)

Oh well, who was I kidding..I knew I wouldn’t get away with only the hugs and kisses bit 😉 For my benefit I do give her 1 hug and 2 kisses every year, this year I would be adding one more, that’s supposed to be special right..being the Special 70 and all..not that we’re celebrating big..but still 🙂

I’m not the huggy or kissy types..but for mom & dad..anytime 🙂

She’s not very keen on the cards, cake or the gifts (unless of course its cash)..I still have to buy her a card (normally my sister looks after that part-she buys the card and I write, I do have a much prettier handwriting which I’m very proud of)

cut pic

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