Your Phone ‘N’ You

What’s your relationship with your phone?

  1. Inseparable?
  2. Casual buddies?
  3. Sleeping partner?
  4. Divorced?

Don’t think people can afford the 4th option, people can live without water but living without their phone is next to impossible.. 😀

What’s my relationship with my cell phone?

Lets see..

On an average I get, minimum 1 call per day, maximum 2 and a half (the half being mis calls for me to call back, which I don’t do) the chances are that if you call, you will get through my no, unless of course the phone is kept for charging or on silent or I am in the other room with the loud music and I can’t hear the phone ring or I’m driving.. then I would call you back 🙂

Activity on Whatsapp, again minimum usage..just the messages from groups, the occasional message from a friend who would probably need

Music/FM, used for my that would be very useful.

Apps..don’t have many. WordPress App..yup, check that often..very often. I am commenting on the move

So with the very indifferent usage of the Android phone I possess, I can clearly say I don’t have much of a relationship going on..very similar to my real life situation

As for my phone, it’s just… a stupid gadget that I keep more for the ‘if required’ rather that ‘must have’


6 Replies to “Your Phone ‘N’ You”

  1. I like this simple yet strong message. Don’t be a slave of technology which we are all definitely turning into.

  2. For me it has to be 1!! Inseparable! YouTube, WP, Instagram, Facebook. My all-time favorite apps!

    1. till date I don’t know what Instagram is…photo editor or something? 😊 very common among d girls 😀😀

      1. Haha 😂 It is a photo sharing site, you can say 😊 It’s fun!

        1. good morning dear 🙂 will visit..lets see if it interests me 🙂

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