The Pink Underwear

Pink panties..understandable..girls like ’em..some even love ’em 😉

but Pink Underwear?? Really?? UNDERWEAR, not even swimming trunks
..on a man?
..on a public beach?pink2
Like seriously? What was he thinking?

I can understand if he wore it at home..maybe his wife or girlfriend found it sexy on him. To have the balls to wear it on a beach. Why would he want people to see him in it?
To his benefit, he did make many heads turn..just for the color – nothing else to it. A few females giggled, some guys took pictures (including me). He was like the attraction-for-the-day kinda.

pink1You see strange things on beaches..this is my second instance.

I have nothing against the color pink, it is a nice color, looks great on a dress, a handkerchief maybe..even a bra..but to have it as a color on a man’s underwear..I find it strangely odd.

Since when has shops started selling men-pink underwear? or maybe I should put it in a different way; Since when do men buy pink underwear?

10 Replies to “The Pink Underwear”

    1. Yes, Hasmeet..that would probably be it 😊 you’re so smart 😊😊

      1. Haha 😂 Sarcasm! I like it 😂

  1. The last question is that best! “Since when do men buy pink underwear?” 😉

    Talk about seeking attention! Best way this seems 😉

    1. that’s a different way of looking at it…yeah!! to seek attention! Interesting..never thought of it that way!

      1. You’re welcome 😉

  2. Maybe it was Crimson or light red or magenta for him 😛

    1. Janz, now we’re looking at shades? Or nearby colours? 😀😀😀 U girls are the best!! Seriously 😊 If only the guy knows we’re having a discussion here about His Pink Underwear 😁😁😁

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