Coffe & Music

06d477ee023b8ca76ed14d9fc4bb4e3aSo, today is International Coffee Day and International Music Day, at least that’s what the newspapers say… keep the theme for the day, I guess I’ll be sipping on a few cups of coffee and listening to a whole bunch of International music onlinecooooooffee-day

I’ll be browsing through various international radio channels online for the international stuff…

Currently listening to 89.0 Lite FM from Sri Lanka – Colombo 🙂 and the first song I hear playing are from the Spice Girls 😉 followed by Micheal Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ how ancient is Sri Lankan radio exactly? 😉

                                      Have a wonderful day people 🙂 Coffee-Quotes-12

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  1. I love coffee!! But it doesn’t love me back 😂 It gives me migraine and pimples!! And I love music too, but it also in turn gives me migraine 😂

    1. 🙁 that’s about instrumental music?

        1. I do have a collection of instrumental music, I could send it over to you 😊

    1. …with some music in d background may be?

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