ISL .. let’s football!!

Tomorrow ISL (Indian Super League) Season 2 kicks know the 2 long football-crazy-months 😉

Football_Club_GoaThe last time FC GOA made it to the semi finals and we hope they can take that one step more and win it this time round. While the Fatorda football stadium is getting ready to stage its first home match, FC GOA vs Chennaiyin FC two days from today.

Nehru Stadium – Fatorda, South Goa

My association with the game is restricted to watching it on television..I know, I know..its a shame..coming from a state that loves the game., I sadly don’t understand diddly squat of the game. Goan people love football and one will see matches in different fields, grounds and open spaces being played all over the state. Even in the all that muck..can you imagine!!

The only time I even touched a ‘football’ was when I was forced to make up my class team and not knowing what to do when the ball came to me – I kicked it but sadly in the wrong goal and my team lost. That by far was my only romance phewwith the game. My first and I glad that part of my life never happened again.

What I do fail to understand is why 22 players run after one ball..looks silly doesn’t it? Not for a football won’t, but you know generally. However, I will be following the ISL matches, at least FC Goa’s matches, not that I understand anything..but at least I can shout when they shoot a my team shoots a goal. I do have to find out which is my team first, looking at the jersey..else I’ll be celebrating at the wrong times.

While many of conversations these days revolve around football, wherever you go and whoever you meet and I’m like..”yeah man “FC Goa is totally gonna rock this season, they some good players on board” having by hearted a few of the players names and like general info and stuff so I can talk and involve myself in the convo. Zico, of course is the coach..who is supposed to have been the best in his playing days. Lets see how things go..!

Well whichever way the games go, I will be supporting FC GOA..lets hope we can create the magic we did last time 🙂

mqdefaultViva…FORÇA GOA!!


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  1. I am lost too when our papers are filled with Mohun Bagan vs. East Bengal stuff! Unlike you, I am not even following Atletico de Kolkata 😛

    1. but they were really good last year at the ISL..champion team! As for me..the cricket is on too, starting today..that’s more interesting 🙂

  2. I am with you on this one. After about 12 people trying to teach me what the freaking off-side is, I still cannot understand it. Then another friend taught me to wait for the others to scream and then follow suit. That works 😛

    1. good to meet like minded people who don’t understand football much…and I thought I was the only one..

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