Who is F-A-M-I-L-Y



The definition of family that I have been taught is ‘a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit’, though google along with this definition has another one;

“all the descendants of a common ancestor”

Are cousins family then? Are your aunts & uncles family? NO right?
They are called relatives..so what if we all share a common surname?

..and then you have some people who are friends – no way related to us by blood or name or any such way but bond as though they are part of the family. I would like to call ‘them’ Family, at least they are better than the people who call themselves as ‘so-called-family’ but don’t act like they are.

The other day someone in the ‘family’ died, I think that someone was from mom’s side..

the conversation between mum & myself one day before
(names changed..well I forgot their names!..or whatever!)

Mom: Aunty Lucy died
Me: Who Aunty Lucy?
Mom: U know Sebastian’s mother Julia? Her sister
Me: Oh okay! Who is Julia?
Mom: Our relation
Me: Okay, do I know her?
Mom: you might know her son Sebastian
Me: Not really
Mom: Joaquim’s brother?
Me: (thinking) no
Mom: You know, leave it, it doesn’t matter. Can you take us for the funeral mass, its tomorrow at 8 in the morning
Me: ok

Okay! So I don’t know my relatives..what’s the big deal. How do I keep track, so many of them. The lesser I know better, I don’t have to invite them all for my wedding.
Wait! the wedding!! By the time that day arrives (which does not look like happening very soon) half of them might already be dead by then 😉

Behind this post, comes just one name to mind “Deepti”, we met as two perfect strangers over computer screens in a yahoo chat room, living in two different states of India and we’ve been close friend for 16 years now. We only met for the first time 8 months ago on February 14th this year. Now she is what I’ll call family 🙂 Only a blessing from above can turn my wish into reality, if you know what i’m talking about 🙂 though what’s equally important than that is her happiness even if it with someone else, I’ll still be the happiest in the world 🙂 It’s a win-win situation.


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  1. Good luck for you-know-what 😉


  2. Family are those people who you can call at 3 AM with problems like, “Dude, pick me up, my car broke down”, or “Bro, I can’t sleep”, or even “Get an advocate and come to the police station. I might be in trouble”. 🙂

  3. This is lovely and I agree with you Savio, sometimes we have family who act like they’re not and there are times that we find a family to people with no relations to us… It’s also good to find that special someone who owns your heart, who knows, destiny might find a way to make your wish your reality in the future.😉

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