Music for every occasion?

UntitledI’ve heard of Lounge Music…Chill out Music…Jazz…House…Hip Hop, pop, rock…reggae, Rock & Roll etc

What on earth is Sex Music?
…and even sillier, Baby Making music? Who needs music to make babies? I thought all that was needed to make babies was sperm and eggs and I didn’t know they needed music to they?

Just a few minutes ago as I was browsing through the internet to bmmdownload some instrumental and piano music when I came across this so called sex music…and baby making music. I know quite a few things about music but well looks like I missed out on this part of music.

I wonder what else is out there that I don’t know?

Isn’t romantic music enough to get through a session of love making and baby making…? Guess for most of us, slow romantic music would be enough. Didn’t know people pay so much attention to music during a love making session, does add to the romantic mood, i’ll agree <3 

I just happened to listen to one such track of this so called sex Music/Baby Making doesn’t make me feel like doing or making anything 😀 let alone babies 😉

Looks like I’ll stick to the saxophone..piano and the general instrumental downloads for now 🙂 though I would still go ahead and listen to a few pieces of that kinda music that I have kept opened on my browser window 🙂

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