White Skin

what’s in skin color?

~ Beach stories ~

While I was in the water enjoying the cold sea water on my body, a little far away was a crowd of Indian men and between them all was a lady..a foreigner lady. Not that she was young & petite or anything…she looked easily between 45-55 but she was White Skin.

I don’t know what was so special about her ( but for the white skin) that a whole lot of South Indian men surrounded her and were taking individual pics with her, putting her arm around them with the lady obliging. (How did I know if they were South Indian? I simply asked them and they told me). Seeing many men surround the lady, more men came from different directions with their cameras.

Seeing the commotion going on, I decide to approach the woman and ask her what’s going on?

In my exact words..”Ma’am, out of sheer inquisitiveness, why are people clicking pictures with you? Are you some kind of celebrity in your country?

..she didn’t reply, she only smiled…whatever that is supposed to mean. I wonder if she even understood what I asked her. Aren’t people with white skin supposed to know a little English to communicate with people.

white skin

Some people (in general) will go after anything in white skin! Especially if they don’t see it enough in the place they live in. White Skin on display in a 2 piece bikini in South India is hard to find..so I guess a goan beach is heaven for them.

I don’ understand what so sexy about white skin? Can anyone enlighten me..?

14 thoughts on “White Skin

  1. Anything that’s rare instantly draws attention. Apart from that, even if a South Indian Girl sunbathes in a bikini, guys will come crowd around her. Not necessarily white skin in this situation 😀

  2. True …I fail to understand the fascination for white skin too and this is not just in India but many Asian countries as well…whereas many white people love the color of sun kissed tanned skin. I guess maybe the general idea behind it must be liking something what they don’t have 😜

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