The Communicative English Class

………….and now is the time to call upon the man who has had a phenomenal rise in the ranks at Microsoft – ‘Microsoft’s Promising Employee of the year 2011-12. It is no other than our very own Peter Sequiera. (Claps all around – people shouting out my name.. Peter! Peter! Peter!) Walking up to the podium to collect the award…

It was the 2nd last period and the favorite class of the day; it was the English Communication Class. Mr D’Costa was our teacher, I loved the way he spoke, his English was impeccable so was his pronunciation and it was always a fun class. We were always given a chance to speak, unlike the other English class where we just sit and listen to the teacher, taking down notes. Sir Andrew always found a new way for us to practice the language.

“Today we’ll be practicing language skills through interview scenarios..Now I want you to close your eyes and picture this in your mind… you are sitting in the lounge area of Microsoft’s Office, awaiting your turn to give your interview. Your name is called out; imagine yourself as the next Managing Director of Microsoft. How do you feel? Are you feeling important? I want you to think about it and ask me questions on how to prepare for your big interview. You may now slowly open your eyes”

In about 5 minutes, the class was buzzing with questions from all directions..Questions were being thrown from all directions “Sir, how do I write my application”, “Sir, how do I enter into the interview hall and what must I say?”, “Sir, how do I introduce myself”, “Sir, should I speak very soft for the interview”. Everyone got a chance to speak, communication at its best, it wasn’t called a communication class for nothing.

It was almost time for the bell and the teacher spoke “Sit down class; I hope everyone has understood what needs to be done. All of you had wonderful questions and suggestions. It was a great class (the class clapping hands)

On the last bench, at the back Mark is trying to wake Peter up… ‘the class is almost over’ Peter……Peter……Peter……Peter…..wake up. bulle_bubble_116076

(Peter finally wakes up, stands up and says ‘Thank you Everybody, Thank you very much’ I am honored to be standing in front of… ) everybody turned towards Peter and  burst out into a big laughter. (looking around the class..this is not Microsoft). I smiled and continued; So, as I was saying earlier, You are applying for the post of M.D at Microsoft Pvt Ltd. The interview activity begins next class and it seems our friend Peter here has already prepared his thank you speech….as the bell rings.



Back in the Staff Room cum A/V Room: Great class Andrew, your class was fun. You really got the students thinking..and that one student, he actually prepared his Thank You speech. No wonder the students love your class.

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  1. This happened for real?

    1. Yup with a few changes 😀😀 I loved doing role plays with them. Was fun.

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