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Ever seen a man take another man along with him shopping. NO right? It says a lot, for us guys shopping is a private thing. Having your girlfriend pick up a shirt or T-shirt is fine but then that is as far as it can get. I do agree, girls have a better choice when it comes to colors but not when it gets to a guys second layer of clothing.

I have been blessed with good timing, I reach places at correct moments, I see things happening and I witness some of the funniest conversations that people have in public places. No I am not listening, I just happen to be in the right area and I hear stuff.

This one time when I was in the fairly large jockey store in a mall (Bangalore if I remember clearly) there was this other guy too accompanied with what looked like his girlfriend who also entered the same store. My guess would be that he came in for some purchase and she followed him in. They seemed to be that kind of couple that do things get the idea right?
Going by their movements around the store it was certainly him who would be doing the purchases, since they were in the MALE SECTION. The female section being on the other side of the store

You know how women get really vocal when it comes to shopping, they need to voice their opinions, it was no different here. She seemed equally interested in her guys choices. The conversation that followed was funny to say the least. To point out here again..I wasn’t listening, I was on the opposite side looking at something else. To put it very politely, the girl wasn’t blessed with a soft voice, their conversation which went something like this, I might have messed up the colors bit but that’s not really important.

picking up a size 34,Lo-Rise Brief from the shelf, opening the box to check the color

“you have many blues, pick another color” he kept that down and picked a black one

“last time you bought a black, you’re going for the same color again?”

she picks up a few boxes off the shelf “here’s white and a grey, you don’t have these colors”

“and pointing to the next shelf, there’s a brown there”

“that is size 38 Large”

“you can buy the boxers then”

looking at his girlfriend “how about I chose d color and size, I am the wearer”

“yeah right, like u don’t like my choice”

“okay, i’ll go for a blue, white and grey, happy?”

“don’t okay me, u always seem interested in my colors”

“that’s different and lets not get into that now”

By this time I was really interested in where the conversation was heading but since the guy might have noticed that I had gotten closer compared to where I was initially Details-about-Panda-Lovers-Interest-Modal-Underwear-Men-Briefs-Women-Boxer-Shorts-Knickers-2PC-WC7002standing, I acted quickly..I picked up a pair for myself and walked to the counter. They were behind me in the counter line, when I heard the girl whisper into his ear “see..grey was good, I told you”

I don’t know how many men appreciate it when their ladies buy underwear for them. As for me… as long as they get the correct size, I guess it’s fine!!

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  1. checkered boxers.. rule!!! 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Well written. Women love shopping. Men would never dare to get into female undergarment shopping, albeit it might be more tempting than boxers 🙂

    1. I would love to have my say but then she wouldn’t take the suggestion anyways..why bother? Considering we would prefer it off than on when we’re around..OMG! did I say too much? 😉

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