Is it only me that thinks P.C (played as Alex) talks really fast in the new series Quantico? Watched the first episode online and not sure about the other characters but it seems Priyanka talks really really fast or is it just that the pace of the episode that makes everything just go faster than normal? Or the video on YouTube that goes on fast forward motion. Barely one scene and the next scene..and the next. So much happening in little time.

Don’t think scenes like Priyanka pulling her panties up and adjusting her pants after a sex scene in the car (episode 1) will go well with Indian audiences, not just the viewing but the reactions. O’ Boy, seeing Priyanka in this light is different and refreshing yet at the same time it would be really interesting how India takes it. Knowing that anything under the belt is kept inside 4 walls in this country, scenes like this could be HUGE talking points.

I like what I see, never into these kind of programs but it seems good at least of what I see in the first two episodes To be seen how long Quanatico can hold my interest.

Showing in India, every Saturday at 9pm on Star World & Star World HD

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  1. I always think that I’ll watch it on star world but I fail everytime!! I’ve heard some good reviews about the show. And about ‘the scene’ you’re talking about, it’s fine. It is an American series and she plays the role of an American. Indians have to habit to take offence on anything and everything!!!

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