Shruti..that’s her name

872d26696b5de96e3d7a9baf18cea4afIn her own words “I love going the extra mile to conquer my extra dreams with an extra advice after all, we all love a little extra” ..who better to be featured on the extra..aamile 🙂

She’s a fellow blogger and a really good one at that. One can find her at A Shade of Pen. She’s my friend and yup, I’m pretty happy about it. I normally do not make blog posts out of the bloggers I meet here but then as time moves along and we get to know each other, some of them become really special and its but fair to let the world know about them because good people aren’t found everywhere and when I meet one, I wanna everyone to know her

This would be my second attempt at writing about a blogger who I haven’t met..nor spoken to but for the many comments that have been exchanged to know enough that she has the right words for the right moments said to the right people at the right times. I absolutely adore her 🙂 She likes to call herself fluffy and NO, I haven’t seen her so I can’t comment on that part but I have always liked the word ‘fluffy’, they are nice, round and very huggable and they are cute as hell. So that’s one pending hug..

As Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy) – American comedian puts it “There are 6 levels of fatness..


It is said you don’t need to see a person to like them. Everything that Shruti is, is reflected in her writing. Read her posts and you’ll probably get to know the person that she is.

When I joined WordPress, all I hoped for was my work to be appreciated but a year or two into blogging and I’ve met such wonderful people here, that it has become more of an extended family.

ice-cream-sundae-cherry-lgn…with a few of them like cherries on an ice-cream-sundae 😉

If you’re fluffy, then I am ‘fluffy-friendly’ 🙂

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  1. I agree on that family part. WP has become a part of me 😊 I wish I knew all my fellow bloggers personally. I wish we all could meet and have fun. Life would’ve been a lot more fun!!

    1. Hasmeet, ur next in line u know… 🙂 Another cherry on my ice cream sundae 🙂

    2. about the meeting yes, had that thought cross my mind yesterday night. It would be fun…wouldn’t it. Must think of organizing one..lets see 🙂

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