A Situation

Chandigarh, November 29th 2014 on a cold winters night. At 3 am, the mobile phone rings..after 8 rings.

“Hello, is this Savio?”
“Hello..this is savio.. yes”
“I’m calling from Health Care Hospital, Mangalore”
“Sorry, where?”
(Sitting on the bed) “Mangalore? Who is this?”
“This is Doctor Sunil, There is a patient admitted here and she keeps saying your name. It also happens that your number is the last dialled no from her cell phone. Can you come here urgently?”
“Wait!..what..who..me? I didn’t receive any call”
“Who is she?”
“We have no clue of her identity as yet. Maybe you might know her”
“How did she get there?”
“We will be able to answer all your queries once you’re here, how soon can you get here?”
“Isn’t Mangalore in South India? I live up in the North of the country… I’ll be there Monday morning”
“Ok, see you then”
“..and Doctor, take care of her”
“we will.
*call disconnected*

Mangalore? Who could I possibly know there? It was such a long time ago, I can barely remember that place..guess there’s only one way to find out then..
Typed out a reminder on my android mobile phone ‘BOOK FLT TKT 2 MANGALORE, 1st thing tomorrow morning’ and drifted off to sleep.

Jet Airways
10,543 rupees down, 7h 50m later…

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  1. What next ? Agey Kya hua ??

  2. OMG, how I hate cliff hangersss!! :/

  3. AND? AND? AND? You can’t leave us hanging, it’s not fair! 😛

    1. …there is more 😀 the next post which was written.

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