At the Hospital (II)

HOSPITALThe Next morning:

I returned to consciousness when bright sunlight hit my eyes. He drew open the curtains in the room

“Good morning” he said, “how are you feeling this morning? Hope you had a good night’s sleep”

“I am good, Am I in a hospital?”

“Yes, I am afraid you are but you are almost as good as new”

“what happened last night?”

“lets say you gave us a bit of a scare”

“I’m sorry” (the doctor smiling) Are you my doctor?

“Yes, I am Dr.Sunil”

“you are very cute”

“well thank you..err..what is your name?”
I opened my mouth to reply and then closed it again. Surely I haven’t forgotten my own name. I shrugged, unable to say anything else without breaking into tears. He didn’t seem to mind my lack of response.

He said “A couple of boys are in the waiting room, they want to see you”

“Really?” I have no one in the world, who would come and see me in hospital? No one would care

“They were the ones who found you, they saved your life”

..and yes there is one more person you definitely know, he’ll be here in a few hours. I spoke to him last night”

she smiled

Reception – HEALTH CARE HOSPITAL, Mangalore 4 p.m.

“Hi, I am Savio. I’d like to meet Dr Sunil..”

“Yes, there he is (pointing to the corridor talking to another gentleman) That is Dr. Sunil. Please have a seat, I’ll call him”

(walking towards each other) “Hello Mr Savio. Good to meet you finally, did you have a good flight?”

“A little tiring but good, thank you. How is the girl?”

“She’s doing fine, she’s been spreading a lot of joy around the hospital from the time she woke up”

“that’s so good to hear..and would you happen to know her name or where she is from?”

“We do have a name, a couple of boys came to visit her earlier in the day”

“What’s her name?”


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