Happy Place

I knew some day I’d do something crazy like introduce my ‘table’ to you, as a blog post..my work table, my space, my HAPPY place..in front of my laptop screen with music always playing, next to my window where I get a view of another building in front of it..and if I’m lucky I’d get to see a pretty girl or two. She’d smile..and I’d smile and then she’d smile again..you get the idea 😉

My Happy Place

Table.. People
People.. Table

Now that we’re done with the introductions and both are acquainted with each other. This is the place from where I blog.. my thoughts flow, sometimes from looking out of the window or looking back where the room door is and the stories that I hear from outside that door that form blog posts. As you can see it is very clean now, it mostly is. I’m not a stickler for cleanliness but there is a limit to dirt that I can bear. My table and cupboard are two places I clean very often and my (dads) car 🙂

When my friends see my table they smile, I don’t know why? Maybe they are impressed on how clean it is or simply because I may have things on the table that is not usually seen on a table.

Lets see..what do I have on my table that may look out of place? Considering how big my table is..I can put some extra things on it.

~ the covered thing on the left hand side is a keyboard, which I don’t know to play (I know its sad). It is in perfect working condition and crying out for it to be played. I must learn. Many years have passed me saying that and nothing has changed 🙁

~ there’s the little basket next to the keyboard, you can’t see that in the pic ryt?…so lets leave it at that 🙂

~ the butterfly and the flower on the wall. I know its an embarrassment, that is my sister’s decoration. Girls decorate weird..I can never understand their decorations 😉 I wanted to get it off a long time ago but then the wall paint started to peel off with it, so decided to leave them till I decide to get the room painted.

~ the furry thing on the extreme right, that’s a seal (we won it as a prize more than 10 years ago..yup long time ago..yes,we keep things 🙂 He was in some corner of the room dusty when I found him, mom put him in the washing machine and then the drier and he came out all clean and fluffy 😀 now he lives on my table 🙂 He has a name, he is called ‘sealu boy’ my sis again gave him that name. For me he is good company on my table. He’s quiet and he does not disturb me. I do want to see a live seal tho’ sometime in life, heard they are very friendly animals.

~ and the curtains..my latest purchase from Snap deal. Liked the color so went for it. The color was the same that they showed on the website, no so much the material..but that’s ok I guess. You can’t get everything 🙂

and then there’s a little clock that sits behind the laptop screen on top the speaker which is placed behind. There’s another thing I have a plastic kinda jug which I keep filled with water to drink (not on the pic) I am always on energy-saving mode so don’t move around much when on the table..oops! wrong preposition ‘at the table’.

I Didn’t know I could write so much on a topic such as a table. Weird no?

I had a great morning today, went to the beach..tried floating in the rough seas which was a new experience, got water in everywhere..nose, eyes, mouth..there’s a limit of salt one can get into his system. I think I went over that limit. While in the water, played ball with two sardar’s children and the sardar too 🙂 I throw and catch well and could be a good inclusion in the current cricket Indian cricket team considering how pathethic their fielding has been. Unfortunately, there was no Indian selector on the beach to watch my performance, else I would be a certainty for the next match. Forget Axar Patel, welcome Savio Paes 😀

One of those good days, don’t get them everyday. Lets hope they continue coming my way! 🙂



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  1. Table people
    People table 😂😂😂😂😂

    It cracked me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. This was fun! Thanks for making me smile. 🙂

    1. you are welcome, thankyou for reading 🙂

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