11 Replies to “..and the ‘palat’”

  1. *sobbing*
    Why am I not Simran? I’d have gotten reel Raj and a chance to romance SRK <3

  2. If only Real life Raj were like the reel life one! Life would be a fairytale!

    1. Have you come across many Raj’s? I haven’t come across even one Simran 🙁 as in the name not the character 😀

      1. I have an uncle named Raj & had a student named Simran! 🙂 Lucky me!!

        1. 😀😀😀 that’s nice

  3. hahahahha. this seems amazing … raj vs simran … on monday night raw ….

  4. YES YES YES! My Raj is probably screaming his lungs out and banging his coffin since he was wrongly buried alive in some remote area. I don’t have any other explanations as to why he’s talking this long…

    1. Guess, he’s on his way…just taking the longer route 😀

  5. M waiting too… Maybe.. Its most of the Indian women’s fantasy…

    1. a ‘Raj’ in particular or any guy in the Raj mould :p ?

      1. A guy in the raj mould…

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