The Flashback..26th Birthday (Part III)

25th November 2001 – Morning

I am woken up to bright sunlight shining through the window. I’ve had the best sleep in days. As I get up to sit on the bed, I realize that I have no clothes on me. I look under the sheets, I’m naked. I look around and everything seems rather unfamiliar. My clothes are lying on the chair, I get up and walk towards the chair when I hear what seems like sounds coming from the kitchen. I run back and pull the bed sheet to cover my nakedness.
He’s walking towards me with a tray in his hand. I notice all he has on him is his jockey, his hair is ruffled up.

“Aahh! you’re finally up..just in time for a not-to-hot-not-too-cold cup of coffee, 1 table spoon of sugar and 2 table spoons of milk, just the way you like it.

I smile “how did you know that?”

“I pay attention”

“sav, what happened last night? How did we land up here?”

“did we do it?

“do I really need to answer that question? You’re naked and I’m here in my underpants, just the 2 of us with no one else in this apartment”

“answer me asking you”

“Aditi, I thought u wanted this as much as I did”
I walk towards the chair with the bed sheet wrapped around me, collect my clothes and continue to the bathroom.
“We’ve seen each other naked u know, its okay” (with a smile on his face)

In the bathroom:
I did it? I had sex? I can’t believe myself..wake up Aditi (slapping myself on the cheek, throwing water on my face) its all a’ll walk out of the bathroom and it’ll be just you. Everything is fine..why do I have this sheepish grin on my face Relax Aditi.. concentrate now.

After 20 minutes, opening the bathroom door..

“What took you so long? Your coffee has gone cold”
(talking to myself) Its not a dream, I had sex with him. OMG! this is so un-like me. how did it happen? shit!! of course I knew how it happened

“talking to yourself sweetheart?”

“I’ll warm the coffee for you”

As I sip on my warmed up coffee, it all slowly starts to come together “I lost my virginity on my 26th birthday, Aditi Alvares lost her virginity…the coffee tastes different..I feel different too

Pls Note: This story is purely fictional, so are the previous two parts. Do not read too much into the characters names 🙂

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