The Lost Heroine

Cat woman of the 80’s & 90’s

I don’t know how many of you would remember her by the name of ‘Kimi Katkar’ (Bollywood Industry). I surely didn’t, until I found one of her songs when generally browsing through YouTube. Its only when I googled ‘chumma girl from the movie HUM’ was when I found out that the chumma girl was Kimi Katkar.

Maybe this video will ring a bell..she acted as Juma Gonsalves in the movie HUM starring opposite the then young Amitabh Bachan as Tiger (her 2nd movie) in 1991

Below are a couple of video songs of her 1st movie (Adventures of Tarzan), again way back in 1985. I was 3 years old then 🙂

Aaaah! The good old days, the simple thought process that went into making a movie, compared to some of the crappy stuff dished out from Bollywood these days.

It would be nice if Kimi Katkar could make a comeback into Bollywood. I wouldn’t mind watching her for one final time. Those eyes.. Wow!

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  1. Some of these actors and actresses just vanished! Do you remember that dude in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar as Amir’s brother? He was in many movies but I had to Google him and ended up stalking him for a while 😛

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