Horn Please

TH26_EAR_NOISE_COLO_316553fIt’s absolutely impossible to drive without the use of the blessed horn. Today I tried.. I really did and trust me, it was one of the hardest tests I put myself through. I only drove a total of 76.4kms.. I know it isn’t a lot in terms of distance or kms driven.. but try driving that no of kms without using a horn..it was a nightmare – in broad day light!!

Effects of not using the HORNΒ today

(i) Other vehicles overtook from both sides. Overtaking is fine but slowing down when they are in front. Most irritating! I patiently followed them

(ii) A lady driving a two wheeler decides to stop ‘suddenly’ on the road with no sort of indication or anything. My car was behind. I pulled the emergency brake else she would have gone flying, I was at 80km/h on the highway. She looks at me with a pissed off look, like I did something. BITCH!

(iii) People crossing the road aren’t aware the speed of a car until you horn. I didn’t horn..he crossed casually. He almost had his ticket booked to Heaven.

Having reached back home safely, doing no damage to self or others, I am extremely proud of NOT having used the horn for a whole 76.4kms. I have realized though what a big mistake I made by trying not to use my HORN…IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

Driving is never the same without the HORN

..and if you think men honk more while driving..some women drivers are far worse when it comes to honking. I remember once when I was driving from Panjim to Margao (via NH 17) it was evening time, traffic at its peak, I was honking as usual, this girl to my righthonking-car-horns-501690 was honking even more, swearing on top of that. We made eye contact and smiled at each other, now hows that? We became honking buddies πŸ˜‰

The honking does get out of control at times at peak traffic hours ..and I’m talking about Goa here.

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  1. The last part made me laugh. I’m guilty of it. Even if someone is far far away from me, I will honk honk and honk to make them aware I’m coming and you need to be dead careful πŸ˜‚

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