Stand Up Comedy

We all need a laugh sometime or the other. The below video had me in splits for 3 odd minutes 🙂 I laughed out so loud.. 😉 Oh yeah! ..and what’s with the Indian names?? 😀

I don’t know how many of you find Russel Peters jokes offensive, personally I think he is fucking hilarious, until Gabriel Iglesias turned up..and as of now these two guys are probably the best in the industry.

Do you guys know of any other stand up comedians, you think are worth watching? I would like more options..Anything to make my days brighter 🙂

Below a video of Fluffy

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  1. I like Russell Peters but Gabriel can be even funnier at times 😂👍🏼

  2. I like Aziz Ansari too

    1. I’ll check his shows out…any particular act you’d recommend?

      1. Try Dangerously Delicious on youtube

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