All Souls Day

2nd of November – All Souls Day. A holy day set aside for honoring the dead. I don’t really know many people who are dead, I mean, I don’t know them personally. I do attend funerals and all but yeah..that’s about it when it comes to me.

As far as family and my near and dear ones are concerned, all the people I love are still alive and I know God has truly blessed me with keeping them still on earth. I couldn’t be thankful enough. The ones who are dead of course are not the ones loved so much, so that’s okay, I was way too small to remember my grand parents and for the others, well lets say I didn’t have any special affection for them.

Coming to the actual day..well actually one day before, 1st of November where one can see children, grand children and great grand children decorating their respective relatives graves. One day of the year where the graveyard looks a place worth visiting.

All souls day

What I don’t understand is why waste money on flowers, decorations etc etc.. when really all it is, as I see it, is competition, one grave to another. My ‘grave decoration’ should be better than that of my neighbors.


Flowers aren’t going to get the soul closer to Heaven. Wouldn’t it be better, rather than waste money on flowers, the same money could be better used to give masses, feed the poor in that persons name..give to charity. There are so many other ways. Pray for the soul and just not on All Souls Day.

img_6489Selling flowers for this day has become a business..the rate is tripled to what it actually is on any other normal day, for these flower vendors are making hay while the sun shines.. and people actually pay these exorbitant rates and purchase these flowers. Beyond My understanding!

Since I do not have any one special to pray for, I guess I will send out a general prayer to all those souls who are still in Purgatory so they be cleansed and perfected before they enter into heaven. I know when my time is up, I’ll probably be in Purgatory too and I’ll need people to pray for me 🙂


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