The Night

Room No 501 it was, I will never forget that night. She was loud and he was fast. The
faster he went, the louder she got. At least it seemed that way, I was the fortunate
next room-neighbor, room No 502.
It was a long night. I didn’t get a wink of sleep, its difficult to sleep when people next
door are having so much fun, that all you can do is listen even if you didn’t want to.

Call it a lucky co-incidence that I was booked a room on the same floor next to the room of the just-wed couple whose wedding was held in the lawns of the same hotel a few hours ago. I might have not known the couple personally but as the night progressed, I’m sure I did hear the woman call her man a tiger a couple of times.


Its not always you wake up the next morning with a smile on your face, if you haven’t
slept the previous night. It’s not every night you pay Rs.19,524/- with tax for a room
with free porn even though it was just audio and no visuals. I would take that any day!

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