The ‘susegad’ goans



“Derived from the Portuguese word sossegado which means quiet ~ normally mistaken for the relaxed, laid-back attitude towards life that is said to have existed historically in Goa, a former Portuguese territory” 

I am beginning to get a little sick of this laid back Goan attitude. Its fine when its restricted to the four walls of your house or your property or better still in your village but don’t bring it out on the roads or highways (if I can call them that).

Yes, the typical goan is very laid back..even in the way work is done around here! I am Goan too, I am not laid back..okay..there are times when I tend to take it easy but then I do it in the comforts of my home or on the beach, for a picnic/outing or at most for a party, where one is expected to take it easy and enjoy.

Today, a typical laid-back-goan-attitude almost caused an accident on the highway, a man very casually riding his bike from one side of the road to the other. 5 seconds earlier and that was a sure accident..its a highway for pete’s sake! Its people’s life at can one be so casual? Has the word ‘susegad’ gone to their heads?

How is it that only I find these clowns when I’m driving..? Surely my driving skills haven’t deteriorated, I drive between 40-60km/h which is seriously not what I call speed.

Another thing you will famously see on goan roads are two goans sitting on their bikes parked on the road talking! Go home or a hotel or a bar, for all I care..don’t just talk on the road sitting on your bike. How Crazy is that!? That road doesn’t belong to your father or your grand father.

It gets worse, talking while riding’ . 2 two wheeler riders will talk while riding on the roads, side by side and the vehicle behind has to horn for one of them to go ahead in order for the vehicle behind to move forward. I mean what could be so important that can’t wait, that needs to be discussed while riding?

I’m pissed off!! A very pissed off goan

5 Replies to “The ‘susegad’ goans”

  1. I still dare say Viva Viva Viva goans!

    1. Yes..but You n I will both agree the Goa of now is nothing compared to the years gone by. It has gone from bad to worse..even d mentality of some goans

  2. I am a goan as well….the above stated issues are not limited to goa. You can encounter in any part of country. 😐

    1. is it so? this country is sense prevails. Its really frightening at times when u aren’t even sure whether u’ll make it alive back home..such is the situation.

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