I know I sound like a kid..but then I miss these cartoons 🙁 Compare this list of cartoons to the cartoon-crap kids watch today.

Popeye..his love Olive Oyl & the enemy Bruno


”I Popeye the sailor man.. poo.. poo…


The Road runner..
A real bird, which is the fastest runner on earth has a cartoon counterpart..beep beep!


The Flintstones
Yabbadabbaadooooooo….! ..that’s Bam Bam, barney’s kid 😉


He is a small kid and loves to play with chemicals. He has an irritating sister called Dee Dee with a pair of mega-legs and micro-body. Awesome!!


Johnny Bravo
Yes, the womanizer, the dumb, the lucky, the well built charmer with an Elvis Presley voice and hairdo.


Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Since the early ’90s the awareness for a clean earth and a safer place for the future was the message that Captain Planet always conveyed. Along with his Planateers, who have the rings or earth, air, water, and wind (the basic elements of nature), who join together call him when in trouble elated to earth’s future.


The Powerpuff Girls
This bunch of cuties; Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles, created by Professor Utonium with sugar, spice and everything nice + Chemical X, gave the world a real set of saviors.

 Buttercup <3





Tom and Jerry
The all time favorites, the most loved in all generations characters

Found yourself humming some of these tunes trying to remember them?