Double take!

It’s on the newspapers, all over FaceBook, Twitter too I think, whatsapp and now on Blog (courtesy ‘Me’), I thought I’d complete the circle 😉
What was so special? Okay! Let’s see..
Two sets of identical twins marry.. each other
..with identical twin pageboys
..identical flower girls
.. and even identical priests

The wedding happened in Kerala (state of banana chips) in the town of Thrissur

Talk of seeking media attention!

Twin Brothers Dinker and Dilraj Varikkassery

get married to

Identical twins Reena and Reema

The twins boys and flower girls..below


If that’s not enough..the identical priests who celebrated the wedding mass


and then they all come together in one picture


Happy Married Life to the couples..may they have their own sets of twins 😉


God Bless them all 🙂

Anyways this is too much of doubling up for me on one day..phew!!!

I’m off, c ya 🙂

If you want to read more, click HERE. 

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