Just 2 minutes

Everytime I went to the super market my eyes searched for that yellow packet of noodles and every time I came back disappointed. Today evening was different..I finally saw it, my eyes filled up with tears of joy (ok i’m exaggerating a little..okay..a lot, I was very very happy) It was like the packet was talking to me “so good to c u after such a long time my friend” 🙂

The 2 minute snack is finally back, yes Maggi is back..on the shelves and smiling at me. I’m sure half of India is rejoicing and even happily feasting on their bowl of Maggi as I type this post.


…holding a Maggi noodles packet after what feels like a decade. #HappyDays

Right now in front of my eyes lie a 4 PACK packet of Maggi Masala <3 and though I am tempted to eat it straight away, I think i’ll keep it for breakfast tomorrow 🙂

Maggi Noodles isn’t just a snack, it is a dear dear friend 🙂

Let the good times roll!!


2 Replies to “Just 2 minutes”

  1. I have been eating Maggi all this while 🙂
    We have enough nasty ingredients in our food, why worry about Maggi!

    Good to see it back in India though!

    1. Yes, the whole crop of youngsters went into mourning when maggi was banned

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