Praise God for HE IS GOOD

Doctors can treat but
HEALING comes from the Lord!121

Engineers can make a house but
A FAMILY is made by the Lord!

Teachers can teach but
WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE comes from the Lord!

Social workers can counsel but
PEACE comes from the Lord!

Designers can draw but
The PLAN comes from the Lord!

Man can work but
BLESSINGS come from the Lord!

Farmers can sow, plant & water but
RAIN and REAPING is from the Lord

Preachers can minister but
CONVICTION and REVELATION comes from the Lord!

Musicians can provide soothing music but
ANOINTING & DELIVERANCE comes from the Lord!

Leaders can discuss and suggest but
DECISION and GUIDANCE comes from the Lord!

Yes, Lord, without YOU we can do nothing!
John 15:5

PRAISE THE LORD for the Lord is GOOD


The sweetest love letter is not the ones that our girlfriends & boyfriends write BUT the letters in the bible that God has written specially for us..for there is No One who can love us more than God himself 🙂

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