The 90’s style-falling in LOVE


What happened to the good old style of.. boy looks at girl..girl looks at boy
..girl smiles
..boy musters up the courage to say a ‘hi’
..girl is shy and continues to smile
a friendship begins to develop
..a few laughs, late night calling
..making stupid reasons to hang out together
..they fall in love eventually

..and get married

Now this is how it should be but where do u get to see this nowadays? I know it sounds straight out a bollywood script but if we think about it, its so much more fun. I agree people don’t have the time
nowadays and life has become hectic for everybody and everyone is in a hurry to find his/her partner, bed her, marry her, (not sure if that is the order..who am I to judge) have sex, make babies and
hence the start of a family..where’s the romance but for the once-a-year Valentines Day where couples are all mushy and all.

(I)Its a common trend these days that you have these conferences for single people to meet, you have a choice from a lot of girls/boys all gathered in one big hall..introductions, games, you talk a little
basically an interview kinda and you make the appropriate ticks in your mind..we all have points that we search for in our partner, yes we do.

For example ‘Girl looking for a partner’
Physique [tick]
Job [double tick] 🙂
Language [ok] will train him
Dressing style [ok] will make him change
Overall [tick tick tick] …[MATCH FOUND]

‘Boy looking for a partner’
Body [nice, good boobs]
Job [doesn’t matter, should look good]
Language [educated is enough]
Dressing style [tick] she’s hot!! [double tick]

How boring!! I mean seriously..has finding your partner for life come down to interview? a few ticks? and that’s it?

(II) Match that even a job? Women roaming with photographs of brides and grooms in the marriage market. How cheap could people get..going to a match maker? A classmate of mine, her
mother is a match maker, she does this as a full time job. Her charges are 10,000/- .. just to introduce the boy to the girl and vice versa..? and that’s from one party, 20,000/- and that’s a match. Phew!!
What if the couple gets divorced in a year? Any refunds…?

Im not into these ways of finding my wife..even if I have to wait a bit longer, I will.
For me marriage is a 3 way party – GOD, myself and my life-partner, so till he sends me HIS chosen one for me, I’ll be waiting!

Let your love story be a good one, your children would want to hear an interesting story on how their parents met..fell in love and got married 🙂

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