My favorite Hollywood women..


Is Dakota Johnson sweet or what? She kinda cute too..I mean not the Anastasia version in 50 shades of Grey (she was in a whole different league there!) but Dakota Johnson, the person. I enjoyed this little interview I watched on the Ellen show..thought I’ll share it on my blog, the video of which is below

..and the props at the end of the show, I’d totally want to buy those 🙂 you know for my collection.

Now that we all have watched 50 shades of Grey, guess we are eagerly waiting for 50 shades which I found another funny video by the same host at the Ellen show. The video below 🙂

Sources say they will only begin shooting for Fifty SHADES DARKER somewhere in the New Year 2016, the movie will be released only in 2017. So that’s a long wait..

Dakota maybe all cute and sweet and hot and stuff (I have my reasons why I say this) BUT my favorite sexy actress of all time still goes to Sandra Bullock..still sexy at 51. Pure <3 for Sandra Bullock



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  1. I like Jamie Dornan. Though, not the Grey one 😂 I hated him in the movie!! Sandra is hot!

  2. Scarlett Johansson.

    1. Haven’t seen her acting skills, so can’t comment. Yeah she does look really good but so does a lot of them in Hollywood

      1. Well, I was stating my opinion.

        Yes, a lot of other women do look good.

        1. I respect your opinion..good choice tho’ 😊

          1. Thank You. 🙂

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