Quarter Kilo

There is this lady in the building I live in..a neighbor, not next door but on the ground floor. Filthily rich people I tell you, she and her husband. I sometimes wonder what on earth are they doing living in a flat? They could well afford a bungalow of their own somewhere away from the city. Yes, that would be really nice..

So about this lady.. she goes to market everyday and she buys her stuff, you know the general eatables, veggies, meats etc..but wait, that’s not it..she doesn’t exceed the quarter kilo quota..be it potatoes, beef, lentils or anything else. Going by the number of members in her family which are 4 fully grown up adults (okay there’s one growing boy who eats a lot..so 3 adults), quarter kilo shouldn’t suffice (just doing the basic math)

Once when questioned why she does that..she has the excuse of “everything is so expensive nowadays” Seriously!? Like she is the only one buying food and we’re living on grass and mud!!!

She is known as the  00BC(quarter kilo) lady 😀

It just made me think.. how is that the rich are so miserly even when they have so much? and the poor who don’t have much tend to give more, sometimes even to the last rupee.


All the characters and incidents in this post are imaginary, resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental 🙂 If you get what I mean 😉 



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  1. Maybe it’s her way of going shopping everyday. If she bought like 2 KGs of everything, she’ll have nothing else to do the next day maybe??

    1. nothing else to do?…Women always have work to do, even by chance there is really nothing, they’ll still make something happen and do work 😉

      1. Hahahaha!! Well, you haven’t met the other category AKA my kind of people yet, then. We do everything possible to not get out of our beds. Such is the level of laziness 😛 😀

        1. now, YOU i wanna meet 🙂

          1. Sorry, I am too lazy to get out today :’D 😛

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