Falling in LOVE

Almost there..! Just drop..errr..fall.. in Love’

Never quite understood this concept of..

“Falling in Love”

How can one fall in love? isn’t ‘falling’ a negative thing?

Someone told me ‘Love just happens’

…you’re going through life and suddenly you see THE ONE, your heart does a couple of somersaults ..and then bam! You’re in Love!

I guess a girl’s image of falling in love would look something like this;


Google says that ‘The average person falls in love twice’. The way I approach the subject, I guess i’ll need that average to go up a little higher. 33 years and the furthest I’ve gone is… Wait! I’m not telling you that. I may be honest, I’m not stupid! πŸ˜€ (I’ll give u a hint, we did it in a moving vehicle..now which vehicle? that’s what you need to concentrate on)

I’ve had my one chance, though it didn’t last too long..well I kinda blew it, you could say. We might not be togetherΒ but the love will always remain. If given a second chance, I’d like to have it with the same person πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Falling in LOVE

  1. It’s just like.. When you have fallen once in love and than fallen out, you still tend to never loose that persons sight.
    Because you know that, someone will always be smatter, someone will always be prettier but they will never be like Him or Her.

    Good a post. Thanks!

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