INDIA and censorship

“Getting intimate with a door open is part of the script of the film, its not a template for everyone else to follow. Nobody says all Indians should do it and if James Bond wants to get intimate with the door open, that is James Bond’s choice…how does Pahlaj Nihalani decide for James Bond?” – Arnab Goswami

I happened to stumble upon the TIMES NOW news channel and I didn’t want go further. Just way too interesting..Arnab Goswami barely lets the dude talk tho’. At the end of it all, all I picked up was the names of the movies that he mentioned throughout the interview 😉 which I would like to watch. I’d like to give my own rating 🙂

What are your views on the whole ‘Censorship Issue’?

…by the way, any leads to where I can download Gaspar Noe’s hyper-sexual 3D tale, ‘Love’? – I heard it leaves nothing to the imagination? I missed it at the IFFI (International Film Festival of India) screening in Goa

Pahlaj Nihalani – Sanskari Censor Board Chief (India)

If you have a boring life, tune into TIMES an interview show with Arnab Goswami, it will get all your senses activated, your life will never seem to be the same again 😉 I cannot believe I watched the entire Untitledinterview..a Margarita definitely needed after 1 hour, with a straw preferably 🙂







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  1. Arnab has an excellent command over words!

    1. yes, he does. It was the English that got me stuck to the channel 🙂

      1. Obviously. Because his voice modulation and debate hosting skills need serious re-thinking.

        1. considering Arnab and TIMES NOW, don’t think we can expect much of a re-shuffle

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