Parcel Delivery

Over the past 1 & a half hour or so I have been watching various Arnab Goswami interviews on YouTube. I really don’t know why!! Guess I need to keep myself updated with what’s happening..who better than Arnab to drive it in with constant repeated statements 😉

Suddenly the door bell rings and its the delivery guy. My shoes are here..yay! I ask the guy if I should open the parcel before I pay him or maybe the box parcel has stones in it instead of shoes or that delivery was said to be in 3 days and it took more than that

..what if it was Christmas and I did not have shoes to wear and the delivery was done late. Who is to to be blamed and why do I have to make a payment when the delivery was made later than what was mentioned on my email..and I go on talking for a minute or so

and he’s like.. “you owe me 700 rupees”pointing to the parcel


I suddenly wonder why I am arguing… guess watching Arnab Goswami does that to you 😉

It was the Arnab Goswami effect..phew!!



Now that’s two back-to-back posts on Arnab Goswami. Am I beginning to like this guy? Maybe just a phase i’m going

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  1. The nation wants to know Why you wrote a post on Arnab :D:D

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