‘One too many’ – Part I

I’m a guy out on a date..okay! not really a date, let’s say a friendly dinner with a close friend and she decides to have ‘one-too-many’ and by the end of dinner she’s swaying, not so much like the goan coconut trees but you get the idea ryt? She knows she’s safe and that you’ll take her home safely. On the way she’s saying stuff that she would normally not say and doing stuff she would normally not do. So how is a guy supposed to act in a situation like this?

Untitled.jpgTo top it all, its my first time..I don’t do this as a daily routine you know. I don’t drink myself so how I am supposed to have the knowledge or expertise to handle someone who is well..drunk? I am shocked, nervous and confused in equal amounts at the same time. I keep her sleeping at the back seat as I drive. I’m having a blank moment, I’m not sure if I should play music in my car or not. There’s not much of traffic on the road and we’ll be at her house soon, that calms me down to an extent.

She’s not a habitual drinker, no idea what got her in the mood today? We’ve reached her place and she pukes. Thank You, for not puking in my car. She’s soiled her clothes and her shoes. What did I deserve to see all this? All I asked for was a good dinner. Lucky for me, she isn’t too heavy..I can manage her 🙂

Now she needs cleaning, a change of clothes..a wash up maybe.
I don’t know..I need to open the door to let ourselves in her apartment.

Ever tried searching for keys in a woman’s bag?

4 Replies to “‘One too many’ – Part I”

  1. Don’t look into designated pockets. Dive into plethora of cosmetic multi-sized bottles, the cuffs and the pins, and the fluttering crumpled shopping bills….somewhere you may find the key…..if you are lucky enough.

    Good luck!

    1. all that’s coming..in part 2.. I did find the key somewhere

  2. The figment of an imagination you construct to the written word very beautifully … seems all real, doesn’t it? 😉

  3. My little boy can’t find anything in my bag… even a ringing mobile… I hope he will get better at it when he grows up.

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