I have absolutely no idea why women carry so many things in their bag. I’ve never really opened a woman’s handbag, again another first. Guess it was the day (or night) for many firsts in my short life this far.
After ruffling through her bag and not able to find the key, the next best solution was to take out the stuff one by one, it had got to be there somewhere inside that bag.

I was surprised to see the number of things in the bag, the few of which I remember were; hand sanitizer, some hair items, a strip of aspirin, a notebook, a pen, a pencil, cash (a lot of notes and coins), compact, a tampon, a pad, breath mint, snacks, lipstick, tissue paper, lotion, band aid, deodorant, headphones..aha! THE HOUSE KEY..got it. No key chain, nothing..just one key.

“hey, you got the door finally open..yipee”

“Oh Yes, I did..”

I don’t think she heard me as I carried her and laid her on her sofa. I headed to the kitchen to drink a cold glass of water while I got ready for the next task on hand ~ the clean up job. I’d have to admit, that I’ve had dreams of undressing women in their living rooms, but this was nothing what it looked like in my dreams. This was more of a laundry session than anything else. I folded my sleeves and headed to the living room where she was now fast asleep.
Carrying her up towards the bathroom, throwing her shoes away trying to balance her against my chest while I washed her face, took the soiled clothes of her, put her under the shower and she was good as squeaky clean in 10 minutes. The clothes in a separate bucket to get the stain and smell away.
I managed to find a change of clothes with a long t-shirt to put over her before tucking her into bed.

That was a long night.

The Next Morning, 8 am

I’m sitting/sleeping on a very uncomfortable chair and had been all night. She wakes up and she’s got a splitting headache..

“Hey” she says her hands over her head making all kinds of faces

“hey..good morning”

“my head aches”

“that would be your hangover of last night. Want an aspirin? You have a strip of it in your bag” smiling micheviously

I go to the kitchen and pour out a glass of orange juice from the fridge and give it to her to drink

“here, have this..you’ll feel a little better”

After a few minutes or so, she feels like talking a litte. I know she’ll want details.

“I don’t have all my clothes on me”

I smiled, “yup, I changed you”

“You saw me?”

“most of you..yeah..but I promise I didn’t look but I did have a glimpse or two, couldn’t help it”

and the conversation continued for another hour or so until she was ready to do things herself

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  1. okay, what happened next? 😛

  2. That’s coz we don’t have large pockets in our dresses. 😄

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