The Year going by..2015

I know its still only the 4th of December and a lot can change in the remaining 27 days but I’ve decided to take the ‘The 2015 Year End Overall Checkup’
Positive (P) or Negative (X) or Neutral/No Change (N)

(a) How would you rate your HEALTH?
Besides having failed to keep the resolution of losing a lot of kilos in weight, I would say I am pretty good health wise. No major issues, the niggles are always there 🙂
My Verdict: (N) 

(b) ) How would you rate your RELATIONSHIPS?
The fact that another year goes by and I’m still single. No change there too and no special effort was made this year to woo any girl or look out for any marriage proposals (which I find very funny). Its like “Hi, I am looking to get married, will you marry me?” 😀
My Verdict: (N)

(c) How would you rate your professional life?
That would have to be a negative professionally, tho’ I think, being fired from my job was the best thing that could have happened to me. No regrets absolutely. The time spent after that has been a learning experience.
My Verdict (X)

4.) How are finances?
I’d say stable.
My Verdict (N) – No Change..up’s and down’s are always there.

5.) How would you rate your “path” for your plans and goals?
Looking up to better and brighter things surely.
My Verdict: A definite (P)

6.) How would you rate your “Fun Meter”?
I wouldn’t say I have much of a funny bone in me but I’ve been myself. I could make people for being myself..My Verdict (N) – No changes.

7.) How are you progressing spiritually?
My Verdict (N) No Changes.

8.) How are you progressing mentally?
Getting smarter and sharper definitely with every hit I take personally and emotionally.
My Verdict: (P)

9.) Are your morals and ethics in check, getting better, or worse?
Getting better, I look only in one direction and that is I am at the better stage now
My Verdict: (P)

10.) Overall and in general, would you say you are changing for the better, same, or worse?
Changing for the better. Meeting better people, working for better causes. Doing things I love more for satisfaction that money. Help people when I get the opportunity. Be the better version of myself.

My Verdict (P)

I’m not yet come out with a new version of myself but added a few updates that will overwrite some of my faults which are corrected while others deleted and some new ones added 😉 which can be tweaked from time to time

That’s been my year. Though the change from 31st Dec 2015 to 1st Jan 2016 denotes a new year, for me it is just another day. Life goes day at a time, that’s the way I like to take it.

4 Replies to “The Year going by..2015”

  1. My report card is wild.
    Moral and ethics – I think I am ticking that off my list !

  2. I think I am getting better. I actually started a blog. I am actually sticking to it. I am actually making daily posts. I guess I have finally become a good girl.

    Hey, what a lovely, musical blog you have got. Beautiful!!

    1. thanks Sonia..and yes I keep changing the music from time to time 🙂 – courtesy SoundCloud 🙂

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