‘P’ Talk

Do it sitting or standing, it needs to be done.

Some Pee Facts:

1. On an average a person pees seven times a day.07

2. A pee session of a healthy person lasts about 7 seconds. If one feels the urgent need to pee and the peeing lasts for only 2 seconds or so, one might be suffering from an infection.

3. The bladder of an adult can hold anything from 300 to 500 ml of urine. Not that we go about calculating and release accordingly. Just saying 😉

4. The color of your pee is indicative of your health. [This is Important] ~ read the chart below


5. If your pee has a sweet smell then it might be indicative of diabetes

6. But if one’s pee has a foul smell then it indicates that the kidneys are probably spilling glucose or protein into the urine

7. There is a condition called oliguria, where you don’t pee enough. Remember, on an average 7 times a day. Drink lots of water

8. Unlike popular belief, it does not help if one urinates on a jellyfish sting. A moment of silence for all those who have been peed upon.
Remember Joey, Chandler & Monica’s secret?


9. There is something called ‘morning pee’, which is highly acidic…and as the day progresses pee becomes gradually more basic.

10. The pee stream of women is wider than men’s.


Do you feel the urge to pee after reading this..? Well, its only natural..now go ahead, let me not keep you waiting any longer 🙂

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  1. Now this is one post which definitely would not pee me 😛 But that said, it is a post very enlightening …I never knew you were so well-informed in the medical field. 🙂 I will consult you hereon for medical advice 😀

  2. ahhh !!! cannot forget our good, old friend … can we? 🙂

  3. Good one! 🙂 Well researched.

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