The View from the top

The best views are found from the top of hills and mountains..and how better to get that view than walking up there yourself and capturing some of the best that nature has to offer.

A pictorial display of Goa’s 3 forts, that I believe everyone visiting Goa must see to admire Goa’s beauty..right from the VERY TOP.

Reis Magos Fort – Verem: 


Charpora Fort – Charpora:

The fort where a portion of the bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai was shot. It’s a beautiful sight from the top, though not many people appreciate the climb..especially when Goa offers you nothing less that 35 degrees of heat on a daily basis.


Terekhol Fort – Tiracol:

Located on the northern tip of Goa at the mouth of the Tiracol River, Fort Tiracol is reached by a ferry from Querim, 42 km North of Panaji. If you have a Maruti not attempt – I REPEAT DO NOT ATTEMPT to get on the ferry for your car will get stuck in the sand. Mine did for a whole 45 minutes, I had several panic attacks.. but for the helpful locals that helped me get my car out. Finally I took the road to the fort 🙂


I have deliberately left our Fort Aguada, for reasons that it’s nothing really special but you can add it to your isn’t too far from the other three.

I make these once in awhile trips around Goa. It’s good spending some time alone amidst nature.

..and if you’re a tourist venturing alone around the state, I can assure you one thing ~ You are really never lost in Goa.. so go ahead and have the time of your life!!



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  1. You are never really lost in Goa. I feel quite at home there. I love listening to all that Konkani around me.

  2. I’ve been to Reis Magos and Charpora and loved it up there!

    1. yes, truly fascinating places they are

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