Taking it Step-by-Step

“Wow! That happened all quick..my best friend is married, I signed as a witness for the very first time..tho’ I would have preferred to have signed for my own marriage first…”

“It’s never too late, your girlfriend’s right here (pointing to Victoria), you are in the Registrar of Marriages office..all it takes is two signatures and 2 witnesses, we’ll be more than happy to do it”

“does sound an exciting prospect” commented Victoria

“Calm down everybody! let all this marriage euphoria settle down, no more marriages happening today right!”

“yeah! my eggs are not gonna wait for you forever you know” retorted Victoria. To get him to propose to me, it took him 3 years, God alone knows how much longer I’ll have to wait to get my eggs fertilized by him. You know they say the fastest swimming sperm can reach a female’s eggs in about half an hour while others could take a couple of days to get there. With Jules, it might take much longer than normal”


[I didn’t know that” Patrick whispered in Nancy’s ears. I’ve always been a fast swimmer]

[..not you baby, he said the sperm..and let’s go step by step here.. okay baby]

“now where did your eggs come into the picture and it was 2 years and 8 months for the record”

“like that made a difference”

“guys, stop arguing!! In the 5 years you’ll have been together…”

“7 years and 8 months” correcting Patrick

“yes 7 years and something… now I forgot what I was to say…
Btw is anyone hungry?” I was so excited this morning that all  I drank were two glasses of water and left the house”

“I’m starved too…”

At the Hotel

Giving the order to the waiter; 4 cups of tea, 2 Dosa’s for us

“Victoria, what will you have?”

“I’ll have a single cutlet”

“..and you bro”

“I’ll have an egg with toast”

Waiter: “How would you like your egg Sir?”

looking at Victoria “how would I like it dear?” smiling

“fertilized, if all I care” she mumbles

“I’ll have it FRIED, Thank You” 🙂



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