The Appropriate Name

Bringing a new life into this world is probably one of the best things that can happen to parents but what’s equally important is giving an appropriate name to your child.
I can never quite understand some of the names parents give their children..

Some of the names that I’ve heard which surprise me..



Aren’t these months of the year? Unless your child is born in that month, why would you name the kid after a certain month? I know a person named June, when I asked her when she was born, she said January.. and I was like huh? Name the girl January..that makes sense right?


 Okay, this is a bit too much. I think they are wonderful words with even better meanings but using it as a name..I don’t know!

Imagine if Hope meets Faith and they get married and have a daughter who they name Chastity, going by her name, her love life is screwed [we all know what chastity means]

Has Love been taken as a name as yet? I’d like to name my daughter that ..and as she grows up to be a beautiful woman, she would meet a man and fall in love with him, his name being Joy. Her wedding card would read Love weds Joy..sounds cool doesn’t it?

Some parents may take the route of using part of the mothers and father’s name, join them and make a new name

..for example; Ana & Savio adds up to Savannah. It sounds nice and its got the mother & father’s name in it. It’s a name of a city in Georgia, it is at least better than Chastity!

[Not that I know any specific person named Ana, not personally at least]

Being a teacher, giving examples always helps for better understanding. So hope I’ve made my point well 🙂

I already have a set of names I’ve kept in a hidden folder somewhere, which I’ll pull out when its time 🙂

Any other interesting names you have come across?





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