..days leading up to Christmas

5 Days to Christmas Day

So, we have the Christmas tree put up (Is it me or the tree looks a little bent?) The Star lit in the veranda, the odd bell or two hanging in the living room.

Then, mom made a few sweets, kormolas and a few Neurios. She also baked a cake, date cake I think..that’s not all..I think she’s baking one more with cashew nuts. My sis is making marzipan’s, needs to see when that gets ready. I’ll be there to give constant feedback as it gets done.

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What’s my role in all of this..?
I provide the entertainment (music/radio/TV) while work gets done. A little help here-n-there, like keeping the ingredients ready etc.  Not too much of work..however, I am in charge of the clean-up job after everything is complete and as a reward I get to taste what’s made. I’m okay with that arrangement 🙂

It’s nice when everyone chips in with help, makes work lighter and more importantly brings the family closer. Isn’t that what Christmas & festivals are all about?

A common question people ask around this time is;

“So, all set for Christmas?” ..and they’ll continue, did shopping? Bought new clothes, shoes, made sweets etc etc…

I guess Christmas has a different meaning for each one of us. My Christmas is not about the clothes, nor the decorations or the shoes, but in receiving Jesus in my heart.

..and for the record, NO..I haven’t bought a new shirt this Christmas, I really don’t need one. If I can make a few people smile and rejoice on Jesus’s birthday, I think I’ve had a wonderful Christmas Day.



Many people wish each other ‘Merry X’Mas’ on cards, messages, sms’s etc. Let us remember..to keep CHRIST in Christmas. It isn’t X’Mas BUT Christmas.


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  1. Lovely Christmas decorations!!! Merry Xmas!!! Wishing you loads of happiness and success

    1. Wish you a wonderful season too… 🙂

      1. thank you… wish u the same!! Hope Santa brings in all that you want with him

        1. I don’t think she’ll fit in his bag..but yes it would be nice if he could manage it somehow 🙂

          1. awww..!!! May be we ll let Santa know to send in everything in terms of coupons/vouchers …that should help

  2. Makes me wish it was Christmas all over again 🙂

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