We’re getting Closer – FC GOA!


The ISL (Indian Super League) is over. The Football madness is finally come to an end. Chennai won, FC Goa came second best. Congratulations to the Chennai team. It was a good game (that’s what the papers and my friends said) NO, I didn’t go to the stadium and neither did I watch the full game on TV. I am not a football fan but I do follow the scoreline at the end of the match and talk about it the next day with friends & colleagues.

There has been an improvement with the Goan Football team, the 1st season they exited at the semi final stage, this time they lost the FINAL..next time we are definitely gonna win the tournament 🙂 Who said success comes easy? All good things come to those who wait..and we Goans are willing to wait one more year.


Yes, Chennai broke the hearts of every FC GOA fan but at the end of the day there is a WINNER and there is a LOSER. Goa unfortunately came out on the losing side. Not a problem, we still back our team to come back stronger and lift the trophy NEXT YEAR.fc-goa-1413087296.jpg

We Love you FC GOA 🙂 FC GOA rocks!!  

..and this comes from someone who doesn’t understand anything more than the role of the goalkeeper in a football match 🙂 but then it’s never late to learn..right?

There were many videos made by the fans of FC GOA all over the state. I like this one the best!!



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