Fans In India Have 3 Blades While Fans In USA Have 4

..not sure whether you’ve ever noticed.

Fans come with both 3 and 4 blades depending on the place where they are being used. In India, we usually have them with 3 blades and the one’s with 4 blades  are mostly used in the US and colder areas.


In the US and in the colder countries, the sole aim of a ceiling fan is to supplement the air conditioner. Which is why the fan, which is slower than the one with 3 blades, serves the purpose of keeping air circulation in the room. The 4 blades move a large mass of air.


However, In India, the fan is mostly used as a stand-alone appliance creating a convective cooling effect. Being lighter, the fan operates at a higher speed and is also energy efficient.


You didn’t know that now, did you? I didn’t I do 😉

Well, this blog is not only about short stories or recipes or pictures or the occasional joke..but valuable information like fans in different countries 🙂

Now wasn’t that interesting..? Not that it really matters ..and besides the only time we look up is when we’re sleeping, and even then the FAN is probably the last thing on our mind.

Maybe its time to clean your ceiling fan? Now that’s a thought…


P.S :- No, I don’t work for a FAN company, I am not even trying to sell you a fan. We know the importance of one when it doesn’t work. At least in India we do, can’t imagine a day without a fan..and not every household in our country can afford an A/c. So, a fan is a must

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  1. haha..I didn’t know this fact too! 😛

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