Do Penguins dance daddy?

The little girl asked “do penguins dance daddy?”

“Yes they do munchkin”

“but I’ve never seen a penguin dance”Untitled1.png

“u know uncle joe, he’s actually a penguin :p he dances his butt off” 🙂

“Uncle Joe is a penguin?”   😀

So the question is “Do penguins really dance?”

I live in India, how am I supposed to know?
We don’t have penguins here. I haven’t seen a live penguin walk let alone dance..but I do know they do this the little waddle and hopping thing when they walk..and they look adorably cute while at it <3
Yes, I watch movies, I watched ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ I have an idea. I haven’t watched Happy Feet as yet..can you
believe it? No right? Me too!! I need to get down to downloading it.

Well, coming to the Penguin Dance.. What is that all about? Nowadays it’s like a wedding is incomplete without doing the penguin dance thing, it does makes people look really silly :p but what the hell, it’s fun acting like penguins..if penguins actually did that kinda thing 🙂


So what does it take to learn the dance? Below are the steps:

Steps 1 & 2: Kick to the left with your left foot, then step back to the middle.

Steps 3 & 4: Kick to the right with your right foot, then step back to the middle.

[these can be interchanged..basically follow the leader]

Step 5: Jump forward with both feet (just a few inches).

Step 6: Jump backward with both feet (again, just a few inches).

Steps 7 & 8: Jump forward three times with both feet.

..and repeat

Yes, that’s it…!

So watch the above video, follow the steps and you have yourself a penguin dance.


Oh yes..! and you can do this dance even fully clothed, unlike the video 🙂

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  1. So simple, I should learn it too 😊
    What the heck of people make fun of me!

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