Liebster Award

This time..the Liebster Award comes from Reshma Bhat. Sorry for the delay. I knew I couldn’t keep this award to do next year, so today being the last day of goes!

Reshma blogs at CreatePersonality . She is fairly new to blogging..but the little I have read from her blog, she seems a very keen blogger. That is always good news. Keep it up in the new year too.


I have to begin by stating 11 Random facts about myself..

(1) I suck at multitasking. I can do no 2 things at one time.

(2) I have travelled ticketless on an Indian train twice, Mumbai to Goa and Goa to Kerala on two different occasions. Surprisingly I wasn’t caught. The third time I attempted it, I was. I shouldn’t have stretched my luck too far. I was fined 🙂

(3) I’ve never been in a fight, which is strange for a guy. I’m not the fighting type really..physical fight ie

(4) I don’t play any instrument. At maximum I press keys on the keyboard or hit the drum sticks on the drum trying to convince myself that i’m making music :p

(5) I made out (made out may be too broad a term to use, let’s say..we did stuff) with my gf in an Indian train on the small berths that they provide. Don’t ask me how we did it, it was night time, the train was fast and we were in an A/c was cold…lol.

(6) I do not think Sunny Leone is HOT.  She may be a pornstar and turning on men is her profession. She gives me the creeps. I don’t understand how guys get turned on seeing her naked in porn movies. I mean every part of her body is over-sized and that’s wierd according to me 😀

(7) I have never had a massage till date. I’ve always wanted to have one..and a female masseuse pls! I don’t want a man touching me.


My Answers to the Questions:-

1. What will you do if you $50,000?

Invest it, at least 90% of it.

2. What is it that makes you unique?

I really don’t know..maybe my friends could tell you that 🙂

3. What is your favorite color? Why?

I loved pink when I was younger. Now it’s more of shades of purple. I prefer light colors on my skin.

4.Outsider or Insider?

If India had a winter season, I’d be out. Indian Summers, definitely inside. I cannot stand the heat.

5.Your views on a little pot aquarium.

What is a little pot aquarium? Something like a fish bowl? :p

6.Pet lover or hater?

I don’t own a pet but I wouldn’t mind a dog.

7.Arranged or love marriage?

Love marriage

8.Success or family? More important.

I prefer family over success.

9.Do you believe in past sins and rebirth philosophy?

As a Roman catholic, everytime I go for confession my past sins are forgiven and as far as rebirth is concerned..I don’t have much to say about it

10.What is your favorite number and why?

I have no favorite number as such.

11.Can you leave your country if you will get better future promises in any other country and settle down there?

NO. Life pretty much sucks outside India. The facilities and stuff are better abroad but there is no life absolutely.
Wake Up-Go to work-Come back home-Do some gardening-Cook food-Go to sleep..REPEAT
…this is not the kinda life I wanna lead.


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  1. Congratulations for the award… 🙂

  2. Congratulations!!!!

    It was fun reading this…. 😁

    Happy new year!!!!

    1. Wish you the same Jahnvi..a happy and prosperous New Year ’16 🙂

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